Independent Research Groups

Central instrument for the promotion of (in particular junior) scientists in the Max Planck Society are the – either in­sti­tute-specific or open-topic – independent Max Planck Research Groups. These are in a position to use the services of the institute they are associated with while at the same time benefitting from a budget of their own for scientific per­son­nel and resources. The group leaders can thus pursue their research autonomously and advance their scientific career in a particularly efficient manner. Their appointment is subject to a rigorous, centrally managed selection procedure. For further information see

Three institute-specific independent Max Planck Research Groups are currently affiliated with the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law. In addition, there is one of the so-called Otto Hahn Research Groups at the Institute, the idea of which is also part of the MPG’s program to promote especially successful junior scientists. These groups are headed by researchers whom the MPG did not only honor with a medal but also with the Otto Hahn Award – a prize that is won by only three candidates every year. For further information see

Personality, Identity, and Crime
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Space, Contexts, and Crime
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Criminal Law Theory
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Past Research Groups

Architecture of Public Security Regulation (ArchiS)
Otto Hahn Research Group

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