Information for Faculty Members of the University of Freiburg and other Freiburg Universities and Colleges

Faculty members of the University of Freiburg or other Freiburg universities and colleges may use the library without submitting a prior written request.

When you arrive at the Institute (reception desk), please identify yourself as a faculty member. If you are not known personally, we kindly ask you for a moment of patience while the receptionist verifies your name in the university course catalogue.

For reasons of convenience and to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, we will gladly issue a library permit for the entire semester.

If written confirmation of the proven research interest is provided by the faculty member, assistants authorized by faculty members may also use the library without submitting a prior written request.

Assistants will also be issued a library permit for the entire semester if it is evident that access to the library on behalf of the faculty member will be needed frequently.

University faculty members and persons delegated by them may use the Institute library during opening hours. If you have not yet received instructions on library use, we kindly ask you to participate in an introductory group tour before your next visit (see below for dates and times).

During service hours, you can extend your library cards and get pre-ordered books.

The introductory tours on use of the library (for faculty staff and student assistants) take place in small groups for which registration is required (per email to ):

  • Every Wednesday at 9.30 a.m.
  • Every Friday at 9.30 a.m.

If you are unable to take part in one of the above-mentioned introductory tours, please contact us via email at to arrange an alternate date.

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