Research Cooperation

Max Planck Law

Excellence in Legal Research and Training – Max Planck Law is a network of eleven Max Planck Institutes engaged in advanced legal research. Its aim is to promote excellence in research and training by facilitating cooperation and collaboration between the members and partners.

Research is conducted across the entire range of legal disciplines. The core disciplines of private, public and criminal law are mostly analysed from a comparative and transnational perspective. The same is true for more discrete and specialized fields, such as the law of procedure, human rights law, the law of citizenship, company law, and tax law. Max Planck Law is interested in law in its cultural, economic, historical, social, economic, and philosophical context, so it has a strong focus on both theoretical and empirical legal studies. The scientists make their research available through a wide variety of publications, including the prestigious journals and book series published by the Max Planck Institutes.

Past Cooperations

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