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Max Planck Law

The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law is proud to be a member of the Max Planck Law network, while still maintaining its independence. Max Planck Law is a network of nine Max Planck Institutes engaging in legal research. Our purpose is to deepen the cooperation between the participating Institutes, raise their international visibility and strengthen the cross-institute support of our early career researchers.

Our key activities include a curriculum of research seminars and workshops, a career development programme, exchanges with leading international law faculties, support for research initiatives launched by doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, a fellowship scheme drawing high-profile international scholars into the programme and an annual research conference.

Meet the Max Planck Law researchers

Researchers within the Max Planck Law network describe their life and work at their respective Institutes in Freiburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg.

Living in Germany

Max Planck Law researchers in Freiburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Heidelberg describe what it's like to live in Germany.

What can the Max Planck Law network do for you?

Researchers in Freiburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Heidelberg describe how they have benefitted from Max Planck Law and what the network can do for you.

Past Cooperations

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