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Dual Career Service

In addition to the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law's reputation, facilities and opportunities for cooperation, personal circumstances – in particular the career prospects of the accompanying partners – play a decisive role to decide to work for our Institute.

To this end, the Max Planck Institute works closely with dual career partners in regional and national networks. In this way and through additional non-monetary benefits, the Max Planck Society aims to increase its attractiveness in the competition for the best scientists and thus make a contribution to gender equality and the compatibility of family and career.

Are you the partner of a researcher who has been appointed to the MPI-CSL and would like to continue your career at the new location? We will support you in your search for career opportunities in and around Freiburg and provide you with individual assistance.

Networks and collaborations

When searching for potential employers, we have access to a well-established cooperation network and offer you contacts to employers from science and industry.

The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law is a member of the Unternehmensnetzwerk Fami­lien­bewusste Unternehmen [network of family-conscious companies] and, in so doing, also a member of the Upper Rhine Dual-Career Network.

The Unternehmensnetzwerk Familienbewusste Unternehmen [network of family-conscious companies]  is an alliance of companies institutions that recognize a family-friendly personnel policy as an essential locational factor and a core of modern corporate culture.

The Upper Rhine Dual-Career Network was created in 2010, on the initiative of the University of Freiburg. It is an inno­va­tive, cross-border network that aims to support top recruitees and their families with their professional reorientation in Freiburg and surrounding area. Ideally, we already help prior to the move to Freiburg – by advising the new employee's partner about the new location and the regional job market and by providing tips on finding a job in the area. We are also committed to establishing contacts within and outside the network. The Upper Rhine Dual-Career Network is made up of universities, research institutes, public bodies, chambers of industry and commerce, and business companies.

Caring for Family Members

As regards childcare options, three nursery school places (early childhood: 0–3 years) and three preschool places (kin­dergarten: 3–6 years) are available to employees at a daycare center run by the Jugendhilfswerk Freiburg e. V. The daycare center is a forest kindergarten offering all-day care and is located very close to the Institute. If you are interested, please contact the staff at Human Resources: .

Take a look at our website “Location Freiburg” to find out more about the range of kindergartens and schools in Freiburg and the surrounding area.

In addition, there is a framework agreement between the Max Planck Society and the family service company pme to support and arrange childcare and care for the elderly.

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