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New Topics and Call for Papers

April 19, 2024

At their meeting in Brussels in the premises of OLAF, the eucrim editorial board members decided on the topics for the coming eucrim issues.

Call for Papers: Overview Topics and Timing

👉 Focus: Protection of the Environment

  • Law on and enforcement of environmental crimes (European and national levels)
  • New ways to tackle climate change through constitutional, criminal and administrative law in Europe
  • European and national law against ecocide
  • Roles and tasks of EU bodies, in particular OLAF, in the protection of the environment
  • 📆 Submission by 31 May 2024

👉 Focus: Digitalisation of justice and cooperation

  • Digitalisation and impact on defence rights
  • Regulating online platforms
  • New EU legal framework on digitalization of judicial cooperation
  • New AI Act and its impact on law enforcement and security
  • Added value of new technologies for customs, police, etc.
  • Digital forensics
  • Data protection in the area of freedom, security and justice
  • 📆 Submission by 15 Sept 2024

👉 Focus: 25th anniversary of OLAF

  • Stocktaking of OLAF’s work and achievements
  • OLAF’s role in a new anti-fraud landscape
  • Cooperation between OLAF and other institutions/agencies (EU level and national level)
  • International cooperation involving OLAF
  • Protection of fundamental/procedural rights in OLAF investigations
  • Role, mandate work of OLAF’s Fundamental Rights Controller
  • Challenges for external and internal investigations
  • 📆 Submission by 30 Sept 2024

👉 Focus: Future anti-fraud and security architecture

  • Reform of cooperation structures, e.g. AFCOS, EPPO-national authorities
  • A new agenda for procedural safeguards in the AFSJ and/or for anti-fraud investigations/procedures
  • Problems and challenges for OLAF and the EPPO to prevent and fight financial crime
  • Possible revision of the EU’s legal framework on the protection of financial interests
  • New tasks and mandates for EU anti-fraud/law enforcement institutions
  • Impact of the new AML package on PIF and cooperation
  • Future role of FIUs
  • 📆 Submission by 28 Feb 2025

👉 Focus: New challenges for the EU’s external dimension

  • Impact of external threats on the EU’s justice and home affairs policy
  • New developments in the EU’s external dimension
  • Cooperation between the EU and third countries in the area of PIF and security
  • The protection of the EU’s financial interests in accession countries
  • Lessons learned from models in third countries for the EU and vice versa
  • Impact of trafficking of human beings and drugs smuggling and implementation of respective supranational recommendations in the MS
  • 📆 Submission by 30 April 2025


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