The Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network (CBEN) in the Low Countries (externe Veranstaltung)


  • Beginn: 24.10.2024
  • Ende: 25.10.2024
  • Organisation: Dr. Dr. Hannes Rusch, Dr. Lennart Reddmann (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law, Freiburg/Germany), and Elke Lucas (Maastricht University)
  • Ort: School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University/Netherlands
  • Gastgeber: School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University
  • Kontakt:
The theme for 2024 will explore economic, psychological, and biological perspectives on the ‘dark’ sides of behavior, such as exploitation, violence, discrimination, criminal and antisocial behavior, conflict and war.

The 2024 meeting will be a joint meeting with CBEN’s German sister network MVE.

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